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Easy No Heat Waves

29 Jul

So Dolls you bought the best, affordable Virgin Remy Hair! But now you don’t want to damage it with heat. Those flexi rods that all the YouTube hair reviewers use in there tutorial just don’t work for you and they are so darn uncomfortable. Well we found the next best thing! Hair bun bendies! Yes those As Seen On Tv  easy bun makers well they make the best wave makers.


So we grabbed Tina, yes Tina our full lace wig, ( You can get one to from Well Tina had nice waves but we wanted them more defined


We sectioned Tina into four sections the larger the section the bigger the waves. Spray the first section with just a little water not a lot.  Take the bun maker and wrap the hair around the sponge making twisting coils. Fold the both ends of the bun maker to secure.


About four bendies will do the trick! The longer you leave them in the more defined but Tina was too excited to see her hair so we left it in for about 15 minutes


And now heresssssss Tina!!!

20130729_171353_LLS 20130729_171418_LLS

This was a great way to add the beach wave look or body wave look to your hair without extreme heat or damage get you a set of bun makers today they are now $15.00 for 4 at and believe they are more in other stores like $12 for one.