28 Jul

Miss Jessie’s says they created the perfect way to create endless curls that are natural and frizz free so we wanted to put them to the test!!!

1. Creme  De La Curl a non-sulfate curl wash specifically formulated for the dry, coarse, tightly coiled curl, but any hair type longing for a superSuper Sweetback Treatment moisturizing curl wash .Excellent for curlies who want clean freshly prepped supple tangle free hair that’s ready to receive any Miss Jessie’s styling product.

2. Super Sweetback Treatment   a decadent softening treatment which ensures that your curls reach long luxurious length. This rich treatment full of Shea butter and centella extract is a growth stimulant that promotes long healthy curls.

3. Pillow Soft Curls  It is perfect for achieving static-free, big, soft, curly hair that we all dream about

Now The Real Test~~~~ So in our office we have a box of ill fated hair…LOL… hair that we could not sell that we use for samples or make wigs out of, test color etc.  We we found a really dry frizzy piece of Peruvian Wavy Curly hair, if Miss Jessie can fix this we want to see!

So we shampooed the hair with the first product, the Creme De La Curl ok the hair felt soft but the ends were still frizzy 😦 . So we then moved on two the second step which was the Super Sweetback Treatment(everytime I say that I think BBQ LOL is it just me?)  We used about a quarter size of the treatment and ran it through the weft from the top to the ends and let it sit for 3ominutes.  We then rinsed, remember to always use lukewarm water hot water dries out hair.  Well the end were definately better and a lot smoother. We then added the third product Pillow Soft Curls. I started off with a time size since I wasnt sure if the product would turn the hair crunchy and hard.  I scrunched the hair as I worked the product throught to help define the curls. I allowed the hair to air dry as I normally would the package said you could use a diffuser to set the hair but I rather go with air drying that way I would’nt dry the hair out. So here is the final result:

Our thoughts, well the Creme de La Curl was a great product to cleanse and prep the hair for the other two products.  Once we added the deep treatment we did notice the ends of the hair was a lot better. Defintely use just a dime size of the Pillow Soft Curls if you use too much you may get that crunchy feel. We would love to hear your thoughts on what you think and dont just take our word for it they give FREE SAMPLES online http://www.missjessies.com

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