My New Travel Friend-Conair Lock & Curl

25 Jul

June Through August we start our summer travel plans. Being a fabulous lady we have to be prepared for any and everything!! So what do we do,  we take it all with us SMH….. Rollers, Flex Rod, Curling iron, Flat iron, Curling wand and all the spritz and shine available. Now where do we put our shoes and clothes? So in my travel to my local Ross I was strolling through where else the BEAUTY AISLE 🙂 and ran across a box of  rollers so I said sure I need  more Flex Rods so I will pay $14.99 to add to my collection. So excited I get home and open the box ( Side note I rever read the details on the box in the store) I open the box OMG its heated flex rods ok ok some of you may have seen them before but I have never so that’s why I was so excited!!!  Having experience with steam rollers I was a little…ok a lot sceptical but I said what the heck. No Joke… 3 minutes in the rods were very hot!  That was a good sign from the hair Gods. So I rolled them as I would my regular rollers let it sit 10-15minutes in my Peruvian hair of course (thanks Gemini) and VIOLA!! I had curls…  So now maybe I can reduce my travel bag to just my new Conair Rods, Curling Wand, Flat iron and hair spray ok ok I tried but I’m  a fabulous women what can I say.  Run, don’t walk to your nearest Ross so you can get them too

One Response to “My New Travel Friend-Conair Lock & Curl”

  1. Leonard Marks July 27, 2012 at 7:57 pm #

    great post

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