Adding More “LUX” To Our Luxury Collection…….

21 Jul

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Earlier this year we introduced our Luxury By Design Collection. This collection was our 100% Raw Indian Hair that was available in Corse, Kinky, Poofy, Slightly Poofy, Soft and Silky Straight.  Our goal was to give each customer a custom experience  when purchasing their hair, so that you the customer could receive the best match for your hair texture as possible.  We wanted to continue to give you that great custom service so we are in the process of modifying the prices and the way we sell our raw custom hair. The new products and pricing should be listed by next month. It was very
difficult to make 3 bundles that felt the same in texture and create one full weft, since each bundle came from a different donor. So now we will offer online actual pictures of wefts we will make that will be available to ship without a wait time. Each weft will vary in weight depending on the donor 2oz to 5oz. You will be able to select multiple wefts to give you the look you are looking for and blend textures by selecting wefts. This will allow you to have a unique
blend instead of the standard straight, wavy or curl. The picture you see on our page for purchase is the exact product you will receive.  The descriptions will tell you the color, ounces, length, texture and luster so that you will be able to match other available wefts. Attached are some sample photos of hair that are from three different donors that are combined for a full sew in.  Prices will also vary since its priced by the ounce. Don’t forget if there is a certain texture or curl pattern you are still looking for and you don’t see it we can create it for you out of any of our available hair. We will post the full install in our next post……

Donor 1

Donor 1

Donor 2

Donor 2

Donor 3

Donor 3

Combined Donors

Combined Donors


Gemini Virgin Hair Boutique Custom in Store Wefting

13 Sep


Recently this past July the Gemini Virgin Hair company opened its doors to a small hair boutique located in Pikesville, MD.

This boutique specializes in onsite hair wefting. What is hair wefting you ask? Wefting is the process of taking loose strands and creating a weft aka “a track”.  At the hair boutique customers are able to select there own bundle and purchase it by the ounce. Wefts can range from 3oz to 1/4lb if the customer wishes. We use 100% raw indian hair that ranges from straight, semi wavy, wavy, and curly. This experience allows the customer to customize there hair with a personal touch.

What’s the process?

  • Select  your perfect single donor bundle
  • Select the weight of your bundles
  • Decide to custom color (free of charge )
  • Decide to keep the original texture of the hair or make it more curly or wavy (free of charge )
  • Hair is ready same day or next day depending on your purchase
Raw Indian Hair

Raw Indian Hair


Indian hair in natural state

Indian hair in natural state

Indian Hair

Indian Hair

Indian Hair in Custom Curly

Indian Hair in Custom Curly

Prices start at $30 depending on length but you get the raw hair free of any chemicals the best hair ever!! If you don’t belive us come by and visit us at 503 Reisterstown Rd Pikesville MD 21208 we are open from 11am to 4pm Tues thur Saturday if your not local call us at 410.622.4904

2013 in review

31 Dec

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 83,000 times in 2013. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 4 days for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.


22 Dec

YES! YES! YES! We found the Perfect Remedy to your hair care needs ladies.  Gemini Virgin Hair now has a Perfect Remedy Hair Care Collection that includes a Shampoo, Conditioner, Curling Cream and Glossing Laminate spray. This is just the beginning of the collection as more styling products will be introduced including flatiron sprays, dry shampoo, and deep treatments.  The best part of the products that they are Alcohol-,Paraben-, Sulfate- and Sodium Chloride-Free. Color-, Straightener- and Chemically Treated-Safe. UV Protectant. The First Shamp0o and Conditioner of the collection focuses on Smoothing and Softening. The shampoo gently smoothes and softens the surface of the hair while adding strength to prevent breakage. Plant extracts help reduce frizz and flyaways, leaving the hair silky and shiny. Removes build-up on hair and scalp. Great for wavy, curly and frizzy hair. The conditioner a lite daily conditioner infused with Keratin,helps seal the cuticle and lock in proteins to reduce frizz and bring unmanageable hair under control. Plant extracts and conditioners strengthen, repair, restore elasticity, lock out humidity and improve overall texture & condition of the hair, leaving it smooth and shiny. The styling products which include a curl and wave enhancing g cream and a glossing laminate finishing spray. If you don’t believe how great these products are view the demo products below.


We recently received this exchange from a customer that believed that we sent her a bad bundle….. Its very important to use a professional product all hair reacts differently to over the counter products but if you have one good product it will work for your virgin hair.  I’m sure we can prove you and her wrong just by looking at the pictures!!

This is the hair as we received it from the customer


We then started to add the Smoothing shampoo its nice and creamy shampoo not watered down. Instantly you can see the curls and waves starting to  appear!20131222_144441_LLS 20131222_144834_LLS

We then added the conditioner to help lock a seal the cuticles from Frizz



As you can see the curls a reappeared the ends don’t look dry but we aren’t gonna stop there!! We applied the curl and wave enhancing cream just add some more definition we make sure to rub. from the roots to the ends

20131222_145447_LLS 20131222_145617_LLS

Are you ready to see the final product!!! BAD HAIR!! WE THINK NOT!!


The Perfect Remedy Collection is now available online at for Pre-Order. Orders will ship on Friday December 27th if you order now you get 10% off when you by two or more products

RE-POST My New Travel Friend-Conair Lock & Curl

16 Nov

Originally Posted July 2012

June Through August we start our summer travel plans. Being a fabulous lady we have to be prepared for any and everything!! So what do we do,  we take it all with us SMH….. Rollers, Flex Rod, Curling iron, Flat iron, Curling wand and all the spritz and shine available. Now where do we put our shoes and clothes? So in my travel to my local Ross I was strolling through where else the BEAUTY AISLE 🙂 and ran across a box of  rollers so I said sure I need  more Flex Rods so I will pay $14.99 to add to my collection. So excited I get home and open the box ( Side note I rever read the details on the box in the store) I open the box OMG its heated flex rods ok ok some of you may have seen them before but I have never so that’s why I was so excited!!!  Having experience with steam rollers I was a little…ok a lot sceptical but I said what the heck. No Joke… 3 minutes in the rods were very hot!  That was a good sign from the hair Gods. So I rolled them as I would my regular rollers let it sit 10-15minutes in my Peruvian hair of course (thanks Gemini) and VIOLA!! I had curls…  So now maybe I can reduce my travel bag to just my new Conair Rods, Curling Wand, Flat iron and hair spray ok ok I tried but I’m  a fabulous women what can I say.  Run, don’t walk to your nearest Ross so you can get them too


Easy No Heat Waves

29 Jul

So Dolls you bought the best, affordable Virgin Remy Hair! But now you don’t want to damage it with heat. Those flexi rods that all the YouTube hair reviewers use in there tutorial just don’t work for you and they are so darn uncomfortable. Well we found the next best thing! Hair bun bendies! Yes those As Seen On Tv  easy bun makers well they make the best wave makers.


So we grabbed Tina, yes Tina our full lace wig, ( You can get one to from Well Tina had nice waves but we wanted them more defined


We sectioned Tina into four sections the larger the section the bigger the waves. Spray the first section with just a little water not a lot.  Take the bun maker and wrap the hair around the sponge making twisting coils. Fold the both ends of the bun maker to secure.


About four bendies will do the trick! The longer you leave them in the more defined but Tina was too excited to see her hair so we left it in for about 15 minutes


And now heresssssss Tina!!!

20130729_171353_LLS 20130729_171418_LLS

This was a great way to add the beach wave look or body wave look to your hair without extreme heat or damage get you a set of bun makers today they are now $15.00 for 4 at and believe they are more in other stores like $12 for one.

Winning The Hair Race

29 May

Hi Ladies

We started our hair company out of our salon in Charleston SC in November 2011. We have now been in business about two years now. We have had ups and downs  in finding and making sure we sell the best quality product at an affordable price. Its now 2013 and everyone sells hair we mean everyone I was in a take out and saw flyers for bundle packs. Instagram is flowing with people selling hair out of there cars everyone is now a hair dealer. We were told that you can’t win the race looking left and right so we don’t focus on the other companies we  focus on just one, ours. We focus on the customer, making sure they are satisfied with there purchase if they are not we do the best of our ability within our policy and sometimes above and beyond to make sure they are happy. We are still a growing company of two employees and we look forward to sharing with you new products in the future but until then thank you to all our customer and our customers who have been with us at the beginning and are a testimony that we have a great company and a great product.

image (4)

Customer Since March 2012

Customer Since April 2012  "I purchased this hair in April 2012 and it still looks good.... Made it into a wig with a lace closure... Still getting compliments.... Peruvian curly wavy 20,18,16" -L.H.
Customer Since February 2012
” I purchased this hair in April 2012 and it still looks good…. Made it into a wig with a lace closure… Still getting compliments…. Peruvian curly wavy 20,18,16″

Customer Since January 2012
Customer Since January 2012

Customer Since January 2012

Customer Since January 2012


22 May


Yes ladies I found this great product in Target $4.99 each so of course I had to put this product to the Gemini virgin hair test.  The ingredients contain Coconut and Jojoba oils which is nice. So I dug into our ratchet box yes the ratchet box the box of hair that we didn’t feel was of good  quality  (Hair that was extremely dry) and didn’t want to sell to customers.


So I chose three good candidates. They were dry, a little frizzy, no curls and no waves. Pantene suggest that their new product is a three step product combined in one it cleanses conditions and detangles in one easy step.
My first step was to condition the three bundles of hair.  The product itself has a nice texture very thick. I love thick conditioners to me it makes me feel like its more moisturizing for my hair. Loose watery conditioners don’t seem to work as well in my opinion.

When co washing the hair I noticed that the hair had a good texture to it a very smooth creamy feel to it. Even though the product suggest that you leave it on for one minute I usually let my conditioner sit on for at least a good 15 minutes.


Instantly I can see that curls begin to be defined within the hair. After rinsing the bundles I still see defined curls but now I want to use the curling custard.


It states that it will give more of a defined look to the hair and also keep it from looking dry and also supposedly fight high humidity. The texture of the curling custard is also of a nice thick creamy feel.

I start with about a quarter size of product on each bundle scrunching it through, rubbing through all the coils of the hair to really get it the custard through all the strands of the hair.


After using the custard yes the curls are looking nice and JUICY!!  At this point ok Im impressed but there is still a final test. The final test? How does the hair dry? Does it dry frizzy and puffy or will it dry soft and feel light with a nice shine?

So here it is all dry and GUESS What FRIZZ FREE!! YES! My opinion I love it and I think its worth a try for any one who has of course GEMINI VIRGIN HAIR.


Thank you everyone for reading

Gemini Virgin Hair & Love & HipHop NY

24 Jan

GVH2 (1)Hello Ladies,

Did you catch our logo on the last episode of Love and HipHop Episode 303 “Family Matters” air that aired on 01/23/2013. We were so excited to be able to share this with all our Gemini Girls. The night was great sharing it with other black women in business.  Drinks, manicures, jewelry, clothing and especially hair extensions was on deck for ladies night!! If you missed it go to and find the episode but here are some photos  we would like to share.

Until next time ladies,

Display TableScreenshot_2013-01-22-11-46-39-1Screenshot_2013-01-22-12-05-14-1-2

A Night of Beauty

28 Sep